Saturday, January 27, 2018

Georges Restaurant

Many many years ago, Irv found a restaurant in Cambridge by the name of Georges.  It was a Chinese food restaurant located in the downtown core of what was then known as "Galt" now Cambridge. Over the many years of enjoying the food,  George's added an addition to the restaurant.  Irv and his brother Steve, felt that they must've added the addition all by themselves based on the amount of food they were buying.

The favourite take-out order was known as an 18 for one which was basically Soo Guy Almond, Sweet-and-Sour chicken, chicken fried rice and egg roll.  Back then the order was a whole $4.50.  I found out yesterday that the new price is now $17.50 that's a big jump over the years.

After many years, the original owner, George, passed away and the new owners stayed with the old tried-and-true recipes to keep Georges as unique.

Irv has been going to Georges for the last 48 years. Not every week or every month and not as often over the years.  Since our move to Port Dover we have unfortunately discovered it's too far a trip to Cambridge just for George's.

This photo was taken on JJ's birthday and that you can see we went to George's.  I'm pleased to say that Laryssa and , and extent, David are continuing the tradition.  Laryssa lives closest to George's in the southwest area of Kitchener and manages to get to George's once every week or two weeks so the old tradition has been passed on to Laryssa.  It's been a while since I have been to George's with Irv so it was great food and a great fun night out.
Irv introduced me to George's many years ago when we first met and we both liked it.

I know a number of people who have been going to George's like me and Irv over the years and it's nice to see that a family run restaurant that is so unique with great food.

Keep going George's! Can you keep it going another 48 years for another Donald generation to enjoy!

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Denise Donald
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