Saturday, January 27, 2018

Still More Boxes

Eighteen months ago we moved to Port Dover.  Glad we did. It's a beautiful town with nice people. When we moved to the smaller house we discovered we had an unusual number of boxes of stuff still to unpack.  It's a chore that seem endless.

Here is a sample of the boxes that got packed in the last few days.

It's getting hard to find places store what was in the boxes. We have given a away a few tables and chairs but the remaining boxes are lots of smaller items. More personal with some, others are practical, and a few we give away. 

It's interesting to see what each box contains as we sort through the flotsam on life.  LOL

Knick knacks, souvenirs, and the like. I find I also have a "few" boxes of craft items. Those items go back into the expanding craft room. Floor to ceiling is the best way to describe my craft room(s). 

Lots more boxes to go through as it's a winter chore. Eventually I'll get there.  It may our second year here. LOL!

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

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