Thursday, February 8, 2018

Here comes the winter weather again

Don't put the snow shovel away just yet. Tonight is going to start off with a dump of snow.

Irv and I subscribe to a Facebook page called "Currently in Port Dover". There are many avid professional and amateur photographers who take great shots in the Dover area, most particularly of the pier and the lighthouse area of downtown Dover.  We enjoy many of those,  particularly great evening shots where we get to see the beautiful skies wihout having to go outside.

Credit to Dennis Rowling Studios

 For Irv, who is at home most of the time, it's especially lovely to see these photos.

 Talking about what's new in Port Dover, what do you think these new signs mean?

We expect to see these signs with the new bylaw, which essentially says you can't keep your cars on your lawn.  Nor boats or recreational vehicles.  You can park only as many spaces as you have in your driveway.   We can be sure that more storage facilities will the crop up for all the boats and RVs that can't sit in your driveway all season long.
We think we own our own homes and the land they are on but somehow these bylaws come along and we lose a little more of our freedom to do what we want with our little piece of land. 

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