Saturday, February 3, 2018

New High Rise Buildings in Port Dover

Our little town of Port Dover is certainly getting bigger.  Two new projects have been forwarded to regional Council for consideration as part of the Port Dover/Norfolk County planning system.

One project in particular is a pair of six story apartment buildings which will house around approximately 100 units and will be located on the east side of the bridge and will give us some sort of a skyline on that side of the coast.

The other project is a hotel with conference section which is sorely needed in the Port Dover area.  This multi use function hotel would be able to provide wedding reception and also convention facilities.

Here you can see the artist rendition of the hotel as designed and you can see there is a viewing section on the very top level which we presume will give you a great view out over the lake.  Any new building must conform to the zoning and parking regulation.  I believe the hotel will have parking for 350 cars and the hotel would be a major employer. 

So Port Dover may have its own skyline.  Perhaps we can go down to the new Dairy Queen when it opens and sit and enjoy a peanut Buster Parfait or sit and contemplate the new building.

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