Monday, May 29, 2017

Tropical Resort

Have a look at this photo and see if you can guess where Irv took it. 

Times up!  It was from October of last year. It's sunset in Port Dover. Right on the beach at The Beach House restaurant.  The palm trees throw you off but the setting is beautiful. In fact the palm trees are fake and are removed each fall and replaced in the spring. 


They were just reinstalled late last week to give the beach that great tropical look again. Some say this makes it official. Summertime in Port Dover!!!

Yesterday we had our all day Crop. Great time!  We had 6 new croppers attend with a big bunch of our regulars.  They all liked it and will be coming back. Several took the opportunity to go shopping in the town and Lens Mills in particular. We will need to look at getting a bigger hall though. Researching that today. 

Here was dessert we had at dinner time last night. 

Homemade strawberry shortcake and frozen cheesecake truffles. Yummy after our Turkey Shepherds Pie. 

Our next crop is a combo. Saturday June 24 and Sunday the 25th. Watch my newsletter for details!  If you don't subscribe you can easily sign up by clicking the button shown in the photo below. Right here on the blog site. It's really easy. 

And now it's onto Monday!!  Woohoo!

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Walmart Cruelty?

Sorry but I have to inject a little humour into the day.   You all know my mascot is a bear. So I was shocked and dismayed (not seriously) to find this poor bear trapped in a cage to support a children's fund raiser!!  Lol!

The poor bear had been held in that position for several days. Oh the inhumanity!!

Seriously, I don't like to see animals in cages so I'm not 100% convinced that even a stuffed bear in a cage sends the right message to young children. Definitely for a good cause though. 

What do you think?  Please post a comment. 

I'm at the All Day Crop today and also doing the new catalogue launch.  Drop by and see us if you have time!  

But you missed lunch now. 



Sunny afternoon with a chance of rain around 9pm and later so it's s good day for a drive to the lake!

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Rain and Creativity

Rain forecast for today. Again.  The local fields and parks are saturated already but Thursday our local county government declared a lawn watering restriction/ban.  It's still May!!  We can only water every other day.  Well thankfully our backyard is finished in decks, field stone and small gardens so it's just the front we need to do once in a while.  Plus, you would think being near a major lake that our water bills would be lower than St. George. Nope. All of our other utilities are much much lower but water is 25% higher. Go figure!

Creativity. I made a little paper picture frame as a make n take for last Friday nights team meeting.

Here is the project I made.  You can use different card stock and sentiments to make them really custom. 

Well, one of my team decided to be creative with it and she posted this on Thursday on our Facebook Team Page. 

"So I took Denise Donald's makentake one step further today. Instead of scoring every 1" on each side I did every 3/4" so I got a bigger inside image to work with. Watercoloured the background with Melon Mambo, Berry Burst, Fresh Fig and Elegant Eggplant. The branches and flowers are cut out from Seasonal Layers Thinlits. Thanks to Melissa Bellefontaine for the ribbon idea :)"


Now that's being creative!  Beautiful work!!  This is the great work of Andrea Radzick of Hagersville from the mother daughter team of Irma and Andrea. These ladies do great work!! As do all my team. I'm really very lucky to have so many gifted friends as team members. Thank you all!

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Friday, May 26, 2017

Saying Goodbye to Butterflies

Saying goodbye is never easy but especially to really usefull products from Stampin' Up!

You all know the new catalogue comes out on June 1st and there are a lot of new products in it. Beautiful new papers, punches and stamp sets to name a few categories. But Stampin' Up! can't just keep adding new product as the catalogue would get huge and their warehouse along with it. So they must trim. 

Two punches I love, in particular, are retiring. Both are butterflies. You can still order them until May 31 or while supplies last. After May 31st you won't be able to order them.  
129406 Bitty Butterfly Punch $21.50
127506 Elegant Butterfly Punch $21.50 

You can see by this photo that mine are pretty beat up from good use.  


Retiring from the catalogue but I'm not selling these as part of my annual clear out.  They will stay in my personal tool set at home. 

Here are two cards I made with these punches.  The butterflies are punched from a top layer giving a 3D look.  Different sentiments can be used to allow the cards to be used for multiple occasions. 


Friday and rain in the forecast. I'm looking forward to May showers ending and getting some sunshine going. Lol!

All Day Crop on Sunday so lots to do to get ready.  Catalogue Launch too so I hope to see many of you that day. If I don't then contact me about getting a catalogue into your hands. 

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Netflix and Bears

Irv and I do enjoy our Netflix binges.  We don't often do it but we found a tv series called "Bloodline".  Excellent show but season 1 is 13 episodes!!  Lol.  Season 2 to go. 

No spoiling but you should watch it if you like a good drama.  We actually like the British dramas on Netflix. But this US show is awesome. 

We are also considering "cord cutting".  We just aren't watching regular channels as there are so many other options. The boys haven't watched regular tv in years so that's not an issue. Why pay for what you don't watch?

Anybody have any thoughts on this?  Just leave a comment please. 

Below is a photo of my big Craftdbear mascot that my sister in law gave me as a present. Recently he "attended" a Baby Convention with my daughter Laryssa. Her company used him in a clients booth. Apparently a big success with the kids. Pictured below is him performing at the Baby Show. 

 He made it back in great shape after his trip to Toronto.  Here he is resting at home after his big weekend. Look at that great smile!

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mid Week Already

Wow!  Mid week already. Another weekend closing in.

Moved furniture around on Monday so I'm reorganizing my workspace again.  I have a lot more storage though so my main floor classroom is better laid out. Or will be after I putter through the reorganization several times until I'm happy. Lol!  One big piece of furniture that came up to the living room is my Martha Stewart work bench.  Very big and very very heavy. We got it back up the stairs but JJ, who did the real heavy grunt work, said that it wasn't moving again except out the front door. Lol. He didn't mean it though. Or at least I'm not testing that idea. 

If you read my newsletter I told you I would publish the wedding invitation I put together for Laryssa's wedding. Here are two photos.  The front. 

6 pieces in total made with Stampin' Up!'s  Basic Gray, Blushing Bride and Vellum Card Stock.  The tree had the two heart shapes in it so I added the hearts with their names onto the heart outlines. The tree was cut by a cutting system. It's about 4" tall so the limbs were very delicate.   

The inside now. 

 (Details blurred for privacy)

Two cards in pocket with self addressed stamped envelope. One card to keep with details and the other to reply with.  Wording on the right printed on vellum with glimmer hearts in corners. Accents are all single pieces. 

14 pieces including the actual card backing.  Half were made with Basic Gray as the base and half were made with Night of Navy as the base as Laryssa chose Basic Gray, Night of Navy and Blushing Bride for her wedding colours.  

Now it's on to matching seating cards!!!

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Short work week?

Well not for me. As I work Tuesday to Saturday then my holiday Monday is a regular day off even although I did still feel I had a long weekend.  

I did manage to get out to a few holiday Monday garage sales though. A cool day for it but I got a few good deals for my efforts. 



We had a chance to go downtown for a while in the afternoon.  We watched a fisherman land a big carp!  It fought a little harder than others as the fisherman had snagged his hook in the carp's tail!!


We did get all the wedding invitations done on Sunday so I was able to relax more on Monday.  I'll post a blog tomorrow with the cards but here is the final batch. 


This week I get ready for my All Day Crop on Sunday which is also my Catalog Launch day. 

Don't forget to reserve your copy or register and come out for the Crop. The catalogs are $3 each or free with crop registration or free with a $30 order, not including taxes or shipping.  The crops are always fun and this months theme is  .... New Catalogue!!!

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave