Friday, February 24, 2012

Shoe Box Swap

We started off the evening very focused.  I felt like a kid on Christmas Day.  I was so
excited and couldn't wait to get my first shoe box and make my card.
This was all of our first times participating in a shoe box swap.  The idea, as we
understood it was to design a simple card.  Put all of the ingredients to make the card,
a sample card and instructions in a shoe box.  The box gets passed around and each
person gets 10 minutes to make their card.
So we learned a few things right away.
#1  Ria and Denise think 10 real minutes is really 20 minutes.
#2  Kim and Natasha think the Big Shot fits in a shoe box.
#3  Only Denise's ink pads fall apart in Margaret's hands.
#4  Justine, Diane and Kareen are over achievers and make us look bad.  lol
#5 We need a person just to run the timer.
#6 We need 13 minutes and 2 minutes for clean up.

This picture was captured after the first round.  If you look very closely you will
see that there are two cards incomplete.  Yes, that would be the cards designed
by Ria and myself.  Oops, we thought they could get done in 10 minutes.
As the night progressed, we got a little more unfocused.  In fact I am no longer even
in the room.  This could be why I only completed 2 of the 8 cards.
I just wanted to show that I was hard at work at least once in the evening.
We are each holding up the card that we brought to share with everyone.
Mostly we shared so many laughs and stories.  I had a blast and can't wait to do
it again.  
Natasha shared with us a project she has been working on for an upcoming party.
Check out how gorgeous these are.
So I leave you with this thought.  Why not host a party for me and I will show you
and your guests how to make these flowers.
Thanks so much everyone for making such fabulous cards and for making our evening so special.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! That's SU, sharing what we love! It's a great activity to do with your team, Denise! Laughed when I read your 'countdown' of things you learned....

  2. I had such high hopes that you'd get them all done Denise!!!!
    I'm sure they were all lovely designs ... and a great learing curve for the next time you do it! Simple cards are the key ... and no, the BS does NOT fit in a shoebox!!! LOL!!!
    Love the flowers too!

  3. my defense...well...I have no defense...OOOPS!!!! LOL!!! But I had the BEST time Denise!! That was soooo much fun!! Thank you for coming up with such a fun idea! I was up late ohhhhhing and ahhhing over my delicious new cards!! So creative!!! You ladies RAWK!!! Can't wait to do it again!!!

  4. As great a shot that Irv took of Natasha's flowers,it still doesn't do them justice!! They are GORGEOUS!!!!