Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cupcakes and Crops

These are just so cute!!!!!!
This is a cupcake box that everyone attending my crop today will receive.
I got the pattern for this from Susan Yeager and of course my fabulous friend Diane made them for us.
Honestly, you have to see these in person.  If I didn't already own the Simply Scored and the
Blossom Petals punch then they would be an absolute MUST HAVE.

I hold crops/crafting days once a month.  I serve you lunch and dinner so that you can work on
whatever crafts you are working on for 12 hours.  You get 6 feet of personal workspace and there
is always a little treat like this cupcake box waiting for you when you arrive.
There are snacks and refreshments and a make and take.  There are prizes too!!!!
Sign up for one of my crafting days and you will have tons of fun.

By the way this is 5 days in a row for blogging.  I'm on a roll.  Woohoo!!!!!


  1. so cute...keep up the good work blogging

  2. Love that cupcake box!! So cute!!

    I still plan to make it out to one of your crops one of these days.....