Sunday, April 20, 2014


Sunday, April 20, 2014

We can play ping pong.  J.J. and I had 3 games yesterday.  Woohoo!
J.J. (My youngest son)  helped clean this room and we were finished on Thursday but
when I asked if he wanted to play, his response was an exhausted sigh and "maybe tomorrow".
It was so funny.  

Be sure to read on to see more pictures of the organization.  But first let me say….


I love Easter for so many reasons.

I could go on and on but you get the idea.

I also love Easter because I hold a Good Friday crop and it's great fun.  This year as you know I have
been trying to organize my studio.  I gave myself a deadline of the Good Friday crop and scheduled the
crop in the Craft D Cave instead of at a hall.

The studio isn't quite finished but I'm pretty proud of how it's coming together.

These photos were taken on Good Friday just before everyone arrived.

Not all the tables and chairs match  as I have gotten things over time
 and on a tight budget but I still like it.
This round table is usually for coffee time but today it's the make n take table.
The purple table cloth table was just for food today and was taken down after the crop.
These cinnamon buns didn't last as long as the fruit.  hmmmm…….
All my stamps sets are in alphabetical order.  Diane helped me to tag them all
with a coding system.  If there is no letter on the spine then it is available to order
from the catalogue.
If it has an M on the spine then it is from the current Mini catalogue and is available to
If it has an X on the spine then it is not in any catalogue BUT it is AVAILABLE to order.
If there is an R on the side then it is retired.
If it has a ? on the spine then it isn't available to order but it might appear in another catalogue.
There is a date on the front of the stamp set because once the date has gone one full year then
I know it isn't coming back.  Then I will change it to R for Retired.

I have to organize my dies, embossing powders and glitter still.
I hope to craft with you soon in the CraftD Cave.

Bear Hugs,
Denise Donald


  1. I see empty shelves! Is that for all the product you're going to get when the new catalogue comes out?

  2. It's looking awesome Denise!!