Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Team Shoe Box Swap

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ever wonder what my Team Meetings are like?
Chocolate Bears for Everyone.  
Made by Andrea and Irma Radzick
So Yummy!

There was a brief business discussion on classes and clubs
 then we had a shoe box swap.  

A shoe box swap is were everyone brings card kits
 and a tutorial for 1 card or project. 
 Each person has 10 minutes to complete each 
card or project.  
The fabulous Ria Jenkins was our time keeper 
and she had the toughest task of the evening getting
 us to stop creating and put everything back in the
 box even if we weren't done.  

See all the fabulous creations below.  
These are the ones I made so they mary slightly 
from the original design. 
My apologies to the designer but it's Ria's fault 
because she made me pass the box!  lol

 Created by Leone Blumenstock

Created by Judy Norman  and Carol Ann Sopha

Created by Denise Donald

 Created by Shirley Bish

 Created by Melissa Bellefontaine
 Created by Diane Blumenstock
Created by Tammie White 

My apologies to Andrea and Irma Radzick who also had a card we created
but I didn't get it finished.

We had a wonderful time.  It is a lot of fun and I learned so many new
 cool tips and tricks.
Such as using the sponge daubers to create smoke for the train as you
see in Melissa's  card above.

Bear Hugs,
Denise Donald

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