Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Card Comparison

Irv had a challenge for me. A work associate was looking for a Mother's Day card and liked a purple card with a butterfly. It had a cost of $10 and was out of this associates budget. She really wanted the card for her mother but just couldn't justify the price.  Irv told her about my passion for card making and asked for a day to see what he (I) could do. 

So I accepted the challenge!! 


The card on the left is from a major card manufacturer for $10. The card on the right is my creation. I would sell this for $3. 

I did this on Friday morning so when Irv gave it to her in the afternoon she was, first, surprised he remembered and, secondly, astonished it was handmade.  She was very grateful and was thrilled to be able to give this to her mother for Mother's Day.  

There are elements of new product in this card. In fact I used the new In Colour Fresh Fig ink and the new colour theory designer paper stack.  These new colours are great to work with.  I will have a selection of a few of the new products available on May 28 at the All Day Crop for you to view. It will include the 5 new gorgeous In Colours. Make sure you get to the Crop location that day to see them!

Thanks for visiting today! 
Denise Donald
Craft D Cave


  1. How nice! I love the story - I assume Irv is your better half. My hubby often gave me challenges when he was working. I bet you and Irv made this lady's day! I'm proud of my cards and some are a lot of work - but nobody needs to be paying $10 for a card! LOL1 Thanks for sharing this. Bloggie Love

  2. I think I prefer your card to the original one. Great job! BL