Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Beautiful July!

Not only is the weather beautiful but so are this Month’s Stampin’ Up! Specials.

Here’s a great one!  

That’s an automatic 10% you get to spend in August!  

And it’s automatic with every $60 you spend!

It’s back to the vintage vault today to show a design I made in the past. Sometimes just seeing an older design can inspire me to rework or update it using new product. 

This is from two and a half years ago. Even then butterfly designs were popular. 

I’m hoping the creative urge strikes me sometime today!  LOL!  I took some time to relax and now have to get back to creating but it’s easier said than done!

Staying on top of things takes priority sometimes. Creativity takes priority as well so it’s a balancing act between the two.  Administration isn’t as much fun as creating but it’s one of the things that demands its share of time. I love creating and I love my Craft D Cave business. Thank goodness they go hand in hand. 

I think July is a perfect time to catch up on all things in life because it’s a beautiful month!!

I hope you think so too!

Thanks for visiting today! 
Denise Donald
Craft D Cave


  1. Love the card and I know the recipient appreciated it, too! Bloggie Love

  2. Loving that big butterfly! BL