Friday, August 18, 2017

One More Day

Irv is finally home again.

Irv will have a big team helping him once he gets home. Hamilton Heart Efficiency Clinic, Nursing Home care, physio and occupational therapists, personal Support Workers, three local drs and me of course. 

His meds are now constantly being reviewed and adjusted so it’s important his vital signs are monitored daily even when Home. 

Just before he left the hospital they changed his diet and he said  the hospital food went from being “ok” to Very bland.  Although Irv did say that Norfolk General has better food generally than Hamilton General. 

Although the above lunch of salt free and low fat Mac n cheese didn’t impress him. Lol

Biggest issue for Irv is the continued fluid restriction. Total fluid intake per 24 hr period is 1.5 litres. Sounds like a lot but when you add all liquids together it doesn’t leave a lot of  room for even a can of soda.  (355 ml).   So he is constantly dry and thirsty.  That lunch above has a 125ml carton of milk  (half a cup) and broth in the cup was another 125ml. 

He has droppped in weight over the last 6 weeks by 10lbs.  Mostly liquids being drained out but some because he isn’t eating much. 

Now that he's home, I am sure he will enjoy some home cooking. Lol

Anyway that’s all my news for today. We don’t do much else these days.   Thanks to everyone for their prayers and kind thoughts. They are much appreciated. 

Have a good day everybody!

Thanks for visiting today! 
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